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Log Date: Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Captain’s Log
Jardines Aggressor 1
Walls of Zapata
Week November 14-27, 2018



Captain: Yurisbel Rodriguez

Engineer: Yoimil Rodriguez

Cruise Director: Suliet Sordo

Steward: Amarilis

Chefs: Anibal Frade and Josiel Jimenez

Dive Masters: Gustavo Lopez, Jose Luis Casanova, Joel Velez, Ciro Verdecia

Marine Biologist: Antonio Cardenas

Weather conditions:

Water temp 82

Visibility 150 ft



SUNDAY: Irumis Reef, Sergio Wall

MONDAY: Gorgonia Reef, Anemoma’s Garden

TUESDAY: Canon de Cayo Blanco, La mano de Dios

WEDNESDAY: Gloria’s garden, Hidden Reef

THURSDAY: Fisherman’s wall, Permit Reef

FRIDAY :Delije drop



Received guests at 7:30PM and had dinner.



The departure from Caleta Avalos was at 6:00AM. After a 4 hour navigation the boat reached the first diving location, Irumis Reff. Conditions were perfect; 150 ft visibility and one of the most impressive walls in the region, big schools of lane snappers and many other reef fish on top of the wall were seen by the group of divers. Afternoon dives were also very good, the light was perfect for underwater photography.

Night dive was really good, they were schools of small squids and big blue octopuses!



As the sun went up, divers were ready for the immersion, this time at Gorgonia’s reef. As soon as the divers started the descent, a huge spotted Eagle ray was playing along the wall. Down in the depth, some big cubera snappers start to show up attracted by the divers, in the afternoon the boat moved to a new location where the edge of the coral wall was less deep, the variety of coral reef and fish was outstanding.



Canon de Cayo Blanco was the spot chosen this time, a big cleft on the top of the wall that goes till 95 ft and opens to the blue, the group of divers were surprised by a 12 ft Hammer head shark, that was the best of the week!



Another magnificent diving day. While the divers drifted along the reef they saw big group permit and many other fish, some stingrays laid on the sand and many juvenile parrotfish eating algae on the reef heads.



Fisherma’s Wall and Permit reef are the most “fishy” places visited of the week, hundreds of yellow tail snappers and tomato grunts inhabit a coral formation on top of the wall, some big barracudas hunted them, a school of Atlantic spade fish came across the divers. Oceanic triggerfish were abundant around 110 ft deep,



Last day exploring the walls of Zapata, amazing drop offs with very healthy corals formations. Very colorful sponges of many kinds and many tropical reef fish Big over hangs and cracks in the wall where deep sea fan and colonies of black coral grow, a combination of different forms and colors make the scene unforgettable!

After the 2 morning dives the boat started the way back to Caleta Sabalos.