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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 23, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff



Jardines Aggressor II Captains Log

November 23rd to 30th, 2019



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo

CRUISE DIRECTOR: Yemney Amador Legón

ENGINEER: Victor Emerson Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Ortiz Chinea

STEWARDESS: Yaicelín Montelier Rivera

CHEFS: Lioñar Abad and Ramón Hernández Jiménez

DIVE MASTERS: Michael Echemendía y Jorge Casanova de Armas

SKIFF DRIVER: Gualberto Morales



Visibility: 75F - 80F

Water Temp: 82F- 84F





Anclitas, Boca Anclitas



Pipín, Finca de Pepe, Peruano, Anclitas (night dive)



Farallón, Intermedio, La Cana



Los Mogotes, Cabezo de la Cubera, La Culebra, La Boca



Five Sea, Cabezo de la Raya, Cueva del Pulpo



Boca de Piedra, Luisa Reef.




SUNDAY: Ocean For Youth Presentation with Andrés about Biodiversity record after General Briefing.

MONDAY: Cinema time with the movie, “47m down”.

WEDNESDAY: Mangrove tour way to Boca de Piedra Chanel.

                           Visit to the beach for seeing Iguanas and Jutías.

THURSDAY: O.F.Y Presentation with Andrés.

                        Visit to the croc in his Chanel.

FRIDAY: O.F.Y Presentation.





SATURDAY: A prepared crew ready for action was waiting for the clients arrival till late at night. They were charmed about the boat and its cleaniness. The crew took them to their respective cabins before a late dinner. They all were hungry and devoured the meal. After that, they went to bed.


SUNDAY:  As our usual itinerary, we left the harbor at 6:00am to Caballones Beach. Our journey was calm and nice, perfect for preparing the dive gear before arrival to the beach, but not before General Briefing, making emphasis on all the safety protocol that we strictly follow, and we let them knew they will be an important part in a abandon ship drill that Captain has prepared for this week again, the difference this time is we want to know the approximately time take passengers and crew being ready for this type of emergency and we will filming it.

Lunchtime was at 12:00 oclock  after the boat was anchored in Caballones Chanel. First dive of the week at 2:00pm and completely wonderful. It was great to notice the changes of mood of our divers once they returned from the water, they changed completely, because they already knew why they chose Cuba as final destination for their holidays. Sharks were on the first dive, no words for describing how beautiful. Extraordinary sight.


MONDAY: Beautiful day for diving, temperature is the right one, no hot no cold, water was like a plate and everybody jumped into the water almost at the same time, for finding a feast of wildlife, it makes you go to a place beyond your imagination. First dive site was Pipín, site dive reach in color and life, rope sponges and sea rod all over, our Friends, the silky sharks were swimming really close to the tender and surface, they were among all of us like if they were part of the dive group, and many Nassau Groupers were just hanging out with us. Wonderful place for seeing huge Goliath groupers, and plenty of silky and Caribbean reef sharks. School of tarpons everywhere, a friendly Barracuda with a million teeth. It was great.


TUESDAY: Really early in the morning we tried to see the croc, but no luck. On the other hand, dives were incredible. Farallón welcomed us very well, a bunch of horse eye jacks were swimming around us and among the walls and bordering the spur reefs. This dive site is very beautiful, sometimes the grooves turned into tunnels, with a deep of 10m and a wide of 2m. From the deep you could see the tender at surface and silky and Caribbean reef sharks surrounded it, it was an terrific spectacle, while Goliath grouper played among the divers as one more of us, it seemed a pet. The silver stood out in a huge school of tarpons becoming therefore this moment in a unique memory.



WEDNESDAY: Sunrise was sensational, great weather for diving, and dive master had no need to wait for anybody this time. The departure to the first dive was the moment for moving the mothership way to Boca de Piedra Chanel, looking for more interested dives.

Dives were great as always, Cabezo de la Cubera, for example, draw a beautiful smile in our divers face, but something that they really enjoyed even with a strong cold wind after a dive with wet suits, was the Mangrove tour. They could see the Jardines de la Reina famous maze, and the flora and fauna, not only into the water but beyond surface.

We visited Iguanas and Jutías at beach and as always it was something they enjoyed. This Jutías are an edible caribbean rodent, now in extinction danger, really friendly and cute with a size of a Chihuahua Dog. And Iguanas, a large, arboreal, tropical American lizard with a spiny crest along the back and greenish coloration. Both, Jutias and Iguanas are occasionally kept as a pet. They come to us every time they hear the tenders engines, they know we bring fresh water and some fruits for them, and have become in an essential part of our activities in Los Jardines.


After the third dive, our Captain Eric took us by surprise and he activated the General Alarm for our abandon ship drill. Everything was really fast and with 8 clients the exercise lasted 3 min and 5 seconds, it was a success! Every time we do a drill we learn something new, and always find a way to do it faster and more efficient.


Long day this day, but at night the surprise wasnt over yet, Grill Night with Grill Lobster and Beef, Fish, Chicken and Pork, dinner was outside restaurant under the beautiful sky full of stars, they appreciated the crew effort and thanks us.


THURSDAY: Dives were excellent, Five Sea charmed everybody with its wooden wreck of a vessel that belonged to the port of Jucaro, at 15 meter-long lies on the sea bed, and Cueva del Pulpo as well with its unique beauty. With 5 to 18 m deep. A 75 meter-long cave occurs at a depth of 9 meters, but diving further than at its entrance is not recommended.

Then, after two tries, finally we saw the croc in his Chanel, just few brave souls went into the water to snorkel with him. El Niño, as we call him, is more interested in chicken legs than people even when requires some courage being next to him in his house. It was A great day.


FRIDAY: Boca de Piedra site has a wall and patch reefs. 7 to 19 m deep.

There we found a big school of sea chubs, and cubera snappers. Eagle rays, lobsters, nurse sharks, Nassau groupers, yellowfin groupers, tiger groupers, and black groupers were other fascinated life we saw here. On the other hand, Luisa Reef  was enjoyed very much because of its wall reef with overhangs of 6 to 20 m deep. A large-sized admiralty anchor lies at 10 m deep. And also on this dive, we enjoyed the company of a nurse shark, black groupers, a green moray, few lobsters, barrel sponges, schools of porkfishes and blue-striped grunts, silky sharks and caribean reef sharks. Two perfect dives for ending this dive week, and everybody was happy about it.