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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 05, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Jardines Aggressor II Captain’s Log

October 5th to 11th, 2019



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo

CRUISE DIRECTOR: Yemney Amador Legón

ENGINEER: Victor Emerson Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Ortiz Chinea 

STEWARDESS: Yaicelyn Montelier Rivera

CHEFS: Lioñar Abad and Yunior González

DIVE MASTERS: Michael Echemendía, Tony Cardenas  

SKIFF DRIVER: Elvis Benítez Ortega 



Visibility: 82F - 84F

Water Temp: 84 F- 86 F



MONDAY: Los Mogotes, Five Seas, Cueva del Pulpo, La Trampa

TUESDAY: Los Indios, Cabezo de la Raya, Mariflores, Cueva del Pulpo(night dive)

WEDNESDAY: Coral Negro, Boca de Piedra, La Culebra, Anclitas

THURSDAY: Farallon, Intermedio, La cana, Boca de Anclitas

FRIDAY: Pipin, Finca de Pepe



SUNDAY: Ocean For Youth Presentation with Tony about Biodiversity record

MONDAY: Conference after lunchtime about Garden of the Queen Archipelago

TUESDAY:   Visit to the croc el Niño

  1. F.Y Presentation after dinnertime with Tony, this time about coral bleaching

WEDNESDAY:  Mangrove tour on speed boat

                             Visit to the floating hotel Tortuga

                             Visit to the croc, twice. 

                             Educative presentation about Mangroves

THURSDAY:  After dinner, Conferences of Status and trends of Caribbean coral reefs.



SATURDAY: Clients arrival took place at different times, some arrived early in the afternoon and others late at night, the reason why the Captain decided to wait till Sunday morning for departure to Jardines de la Reina.

SUNDAY: Weather was difficult since sunrise, the boat was sailing firm and safe but slower than usual in an intent of not tiring to much our passengers. Entering to the Caballones channel at lunch time with the hope of start diving around 2:00pm, but was windy and the sea was choppy, anyways our dive masters went to the closest dive site I the tender just for confirm that was not safe diving with this tropical depression.

MONDAY: A new day was rising, and the captain decided to move the boat to Boca the Piedra Channel where the water is always more clear and calm when we have bad weather. And was a good decision. The weather started getting much better, it seems all the trouble passed away. And our first dive was a success, with only 7 divers, most of them experts, was not difficult to really enjoy the ride. All of them were happy with their first dive this week.

TUESDAY: One of our divers this time is a repeated client not only in Jardines but also in the JAII, he felt like a celebrity at his arrival and while he started diving and recognizing the site dives and sharks and groupers, since he came for a very first time, 2 years ago, he noticed that our site dives remain the same, he congratulated us for taking care of this majestic and unique place. Our friend the Goliath Grouper welcomed him again, and he was very happy. The rest of the divers loved this friendly grouper that as always was in love old our dive master Michael, and even they kissed, that is something extraordinary to see. night dive was full of life, the creatures were attracted by the lights, and the silver tarpons looked incredible under the diver’s lights.

WEDNESDAY: Like yesterday, we tried to see the croc and this time we had lock, and dives were excellent with many silky and Caribbean reef sharks, it was something that everyone loved.

Many huge tarpons, small creatures appeared among corals and inside them, was a fist of colors and life in Boca de Piedra, schools of sea chubs, of dog snappers, of cubera snappers and of blue-striped grunts, rays, lobsters, Nassau groupers, yellowfin groupers, black groupers and reef sharks.

At night, special Grill night, grill lobster, beef, steak, chicken, meat and vegetables skewers, nice music played on and there was a festive atmosphere.

THURSDAY: Sunrise was great, and most of the divers were ready really early in the morning, they were trying to enjoy all the possible time before the week ends. First dives, as great as expected, visibility was good, and colors were really alive in each dive.

On the other hand, counting species for helping the work of the marine biologist in the area was welcome by divers, and since the very first moment were working on that, something that the crew appreciated. At dinner time, celebrating the last night in Jardines de la Reina at least for this week, the complete crew thanks them for being onboard with us and that way let them know they are more than welcome.

FRIDAY: Last 2 dives, and none of our divers wanted to lose any, they were not sad. Beautiful morning and the wind was nice, water looked like crystal with 79 F, after nitrox check we explored just a paradise in,

was incredible, so fine, diving in the drop off, we saw a lot of Caribbean Sharks, Groupers, and a school of Horse Eye Jack. They got a lot of fun. 

At they return all of them were satisfied just not enough, they wanted more.