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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 08, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff




CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo


CRUISE DIRECTOR: Yemney Amador Legón


ENGINEER: Victor Emerson Emerson


DECK SAILOR: Nowel Chinea




CHEFS: Lioñar and Ramón


DIVE MASTERS : Tender1: Michael, Alejandro / Tender 2: Tony and Wilber                                  

SKIFF DRIVER: Elvis and Gualberto



Visibility: 98F - 100F

Water Temp: 85 F





TENDER 1 : Peruano , Boca de Anclitas

TENDER 2:La Cana, Anclitas



TENDER 1 : Montaña Rosa, Finca de Pepe, La Cana

TENDER 2: Pipín, Peruano, Intermedio



TENDER 1 : Pipín, Los Mogotes, Five Sea, La Trampa, La Trampa 

TENDER 2: Farallón, Five Sea, Los Mogotes, Luisa Reef, Cueva del Pulpo



TENDER 1: Coral Negro II, Cueva del Pulpo, La Culebra, Luisas Reef

TENDER 2: Coral Negro I, Cabezo de la Raya, Cueva del Pulpo, Cabezo de la Cubera



TENDER 1 : Cabezo de la Raya, La Cubera, Mariflores, Anclitas

TENDER 2: Coral Negro II, Five Sea, Boca de Piedra, Patricia



TENDER 1: Farallón, Intermedio

TENDER 2: Vicente, La Puntica





SUNDAY: O.F.Y Presentation with Tony about Biodiversity record.

MONDAY: Slides shows among dives.

TUESDAY: Mangrove tour on the way to the second dive, way to Boca de Piedra Chanel.  

                     After dinner O.F.Y Presentation                 

WEDNESDAY: Visit to the Boca de Piedra Beach for seeing Iguanas  and  Jutías.                                                      

THURSDAY: Mangrove tour way back to Caballones






Full boat this week, the media age is 34 and that means a lot of energy, Lol, since the moment they arrived to Jardines Aggressor II they were impressed. Long road trip from Camaguey and Santa Clara they did for this adventure. They arrived close to 11:00 pm on Saturday, received their cabins and some need information. They ate and went to bed.



Quiet sea we found during navigation time, all customers were on time for breakfast, and for the general briefing. They got ready their equipment before our arrival to Caballones Beach and the check dive was a success, even when they are training themselves for being dive masters, they are really good at it. Very discipline group into the water, they were fascinated about the biodiversity we have in Jardines and they were more than pleased in helping us with the semi-quantitative method for fish counting, also shared the pictures they took since the very first moment with the crew.




One of them was celebrating his birthday number 32, so, the day was promising since the sunrise. First dives were excellent, most of this divers only dived before in pools and entering in this wonderful world is like living a cartoon of Ariel the mermaid, many of sharks were there with us, at least 10, maybe more, but only 3 of them were accompanied us the whole dive like if they were 3 more divers; it was great. They were crazy about it.

First night dive of the week, and they were so exciting and anxious, but we had a local storm with really strong wind and we canceled night dive for divers safety, the group was disappointed but they saw and understood our reason, their safety is our priority, and in that moment they knew. Anyways they had their hot chocolate with Cuban Rum.




Unusual day we had, we planed a different day trying to emend the weathers whim of yesterday. Our plan was simple but not easy, 4 day dives and a night dive.

First dive as usual at 8:00 am, everyone was happy and the words for describing it were awesome and beautiful. They were able to see many sharks, and the enthusiasm of this new divers was delicious, they were arriving at the boat yelling of happiness, as I said before, a lot of energy this group has. On the way to the second dive they moved to Boca de Piedra channel for their next dive and they went through mangroves. This mangrove tour was fun and the breeze of this channel in your face is something you can not forget. Shorter time onboard the Jardines Aggressor II than usual, at least 10 minutes less, but they knew could be wordy.

Our plans were a success and they appreciated, night dive was more than welcome, there were plenty of sponges, several tarpons that were like flashlights in the dark, a turtle was seen and a lot of plankton attracting more fishes. The plankton is compounded by small crustaceans, and the eggs and larval stages of larger animals, thats why is so important in the development of reefs and sea itself. Both tenders saw octopus, big ones this two guys, and for some of them this was their first night dive. Hot towels, hot chocolate and of course Cuban Rum and Cuban Music were waiting for them at their arrival to the boat. We danced cuban music, we had fun a lot. They were happy and so the crew.




Beautiful morning and we had plan 4 day dives, 1h each but not dive night, group was afraid to loose one of their dives if for any chance appeared a local storm like Mondays night although the weather forecast was good, and everything turned out as we predicted.

Dives were awesome, Goliath grouper became their friend and were fallowed them the entire dive, this Goliath grouper is an old friend in this area and she/he is in love of Michael, one of our dive master and photo-pro, she/he kissed him in his mouth more than once and it was something really special and funny to see. On the other hand, tender number two was diving in Cueva del Pulpo, amazing dive, right after we rolled back into the water from tender, found reef sharks all around us, they were waiting for us there, rope sponges took our attention because of its colors. One beautiful Great Barracuda was swimming at a depth of 9 meters. Grill Night was excellent and they loved the lobster al Ajillo, white and red wine, cuban mojitos, beef, steak, chicken, variety of veggies and a really nice decoration courtesy of our steward and cruise director. One more day had finish. 




Once into the water a school of tarpons was at our left , one sleepy nurse shark resting on the button, at least 5 reef sharks, schools of pork-fishes at 6 m deep, grunts, goatfishes, blue tangs, jacks, pillar corals, stag-horn corals full of life. The massive corals and gorgonians was beautiful, and everyone was delightful with the view.

Tender II had at their safety stop, a large schools of horse-eye jack very close to them. And during the dive some individuals of this species were scratching themselves with the skin of the sharks, something that bother them. Abundant reef sharks, huge parrot fish and a very shy and big Goliath grouper of 350 pounds.

We tried to see the croc El Niño for the third time this week and NADA, we came back to Caballones Beach looking for diversity in our site dives and clearest waters for better visibility, and we succeed. Our last dives had excellent visibility. 




Nice dives were the breakfast, beautiful sunrise and photographers were excited about it. Both tenders were ready to go at 8:00 am, something uncommon this week.

Site dives were colorful and the water was like crystal, very extraordinary colors and majestic silky and caribbean reef sharks were showing off with their fine swimming.

Hawksbill turtle just passed to our side and ignored us like nothing, was great. Lobster in their caves, and a green moray very concentrated in our movements. Small creature like crabs, strips and tiny lobsters we could see among the reef and black corals, we had a good view of the stage. The group was happy about dives, meals, and crew; on the other hand our reefs keep healthy and pristine, our flora and fauna more alive than ever, so in my opinion, this was a great week, and Im pretty sure all of or divers have now a very high standard about what means diving.