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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 01, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff




CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo


CRUISE DIRECTOR: Yemney Amador Legón


ENGINEER: Victor Emerson Emerson


DECK SAILOR: Nowel Chinea




CHEFS: Yunior and Ramón


DIVE MASTERS : Michael, Yordanis                                 




Visibility: 50F - 60F

Water Temp: 84F




SUNDAY: Anclitas, Peruano

MONDAY: Montaña Rusa, Finca de Pepe, Patricia, Pius Reef .

TUESDAY: Farallón, Pipín, La Cana, Anclitas (night dive)

WEDNESDAY: Five Seas, Cabezo de la Raya, Cueva del Pulpo, Boca de Pidra

THURSDAY: Coral Negro II, Cabezo de la Cubera, Los Mogotes, Luisa Reef

FRIDAY:Mariflores, Salto de la Culebra





SUNDAY: O.F.Y Presentation with Andrés.

MONDAY: Slides shows among dives.

                    After dinner, Yordi’s Presentation about photography.

                    Snorkel in magroves.

TUESDAY: Snorkel in the Elkhorn Sanctuary on the way to he second dive.

                     O.F.Y Presentation at dinnertime.         

WEDNESDAY:   Mangrove tour after first dive way to Boca de Piedra Chanel.

                            Visit to the beach for seeing Iguanas and Jutías.

                            Visit to the croc El Niño and snorkel.

                            O.F.Y Presentation after dinner.            

THURSDAY: Snorkel in the  Boca de Piedra Elkhorn Sanctuary.

FRIDAY: After second and last dive, visit to La Paz, name of the Ocean For Youth                

                 Foundation Boat.

                 Snorkel close to the shore.              






All the group of thirteen are from Camaguey and Santa Clara, some of them arrived to Jucaro Port around 4:30 pm and the rest at 1:45 am, they were late for mechanical problem in their airplane, we were waiting them with ready dinner but was so late or to early for any meal. At their arrival they were exhausted. We spend the night in the harbor.




Wake up was at 6:00 am, engine turned on at that time and we started sailing. Breakfast was fast, Clients were hungry and tired and so the crew, tough day the day before. General Briefing after breakfast, and a O.F.Y presentation about biodiversity record. After lunch the two first dives of the week, the first one was in Anclitas, perfect site dive for checking their skills into the water, and the second one was in el Peruano, place rich in black groupers, Spanish grunt and red hind, hawksbill turtle, filefishes, sponges and gorgonians, and sharks, although not this time, sharks never appered. Dinner was good, and they enjoyed it, also the chefs received some applauses.




Hot morning, as usual weather in Cuba, our 12 divers ready for action and all of them were on time for the dive briefing, Montaña Rusa was the first site dive, this place has

a wall and spur and groove reef. 22 to 35 m deep (77 to 122 feet). It is named after its deep and separated spur and grooves. Reef and silky sharks came to us this time, spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, cubera snappers, corals and sponges, are some of the beauties of this place. Divers were charmed about it.

We have this week a guest who doesn’t dive because of the Parkinson’s Disease, this person came only as companion, and here, we found the way to make her happy with some snorkel activities special for her, such as mangroves snorkel she made today, she went to the dive site, accompanied by the sailor, the O.F.Y Representative and the Captain, she was so happy and sentimental about it, and thanked us very much. We planed some other activities only for her.





Sunny and beautiful morning for diving, a lot of school of fishes like bar jack and crevasse jack, nausea groupers, cubera snipers, lobsters and some sharks were waiting for us this morning, photographer focused their attention in small creatures this week, but they loved the huge Goliath Grouper who were swimming with us the whole time, although very shy, this Huge Grouper was all the time with divers. Also the Elkhorn Sanctuary was a nice activity, we snorkeled there and all of them, including our non diver client, admired the beauty of this corals and the life it house, it’s always something incredible to see.

At afternoon, we took all the person who wanted and we went snorkeling in El Peruano Reef, and although we did not go so deep, we were able to see plenty of life, a shy green moray, school of French grunts, blue tangs, anemones and a beautiful wall reef of about 8 to 22 m deep. Sharks were there as well, at least 8 of them. On the way to the boat, we decided to go close to the shore just in case we could see something interesting and we did, dolphins, we saw dolphins and that is something always welcome, they are common in this area but just few times they enter to this chanels, they love open sea although they also love playing with the boats while are underway. It was a nice touch for ending the snorkel activity.                                                                                                                                                                  

Night dive was amazing, a big octopus appeared from nowhere and we had the pleasure of observe two Hawsbill turtles having intercourse, (in Spanish aka Caballera), on the way back to the mothership. They were surrounded by a incandescent milky water that got our attention. This is something really rare to see, and we were lucky enough to seeing it.

Hot towels and traditional cuban music at their comeback with some hot chocolate and cuban rum, they loved it.




We moved the boat to Boca de Piedra Chanel, after the divers leaved the boat on the tender way to their first dive. The plan was to meet us again there once they finish the dive.

In Five Sea we found a really big Goliat Grouper, an animal of about 300 pounds, bigger that the biggest diver in the water and was playing with our dive masters, actually she was like kissing one of them, what one of our diver called sexual arrangement, Lol. It was fun, many photos were taken to this animals. We found also in Five Sea more that 12 Silky and Caribbean Reef Sharks, one of the females was pregnant, and we knew it because its belly wanted to exploit. Mangrove tour was nice, they loved the tender speed between mangroves, and admired the ability of our skipper because the channel where we went through was in between Mangroves that are really tight.

Visiting Iguanas and Jutias was cute, this big rodent is an animal very friendly not is the case of Iguanas but this ones are not afraid of humans either. We fed them with some fruits and spend some time at the beach with them. At night, the  Grill surprised everyone with the fantastic Lobster Al Ajillo, although there were a large buffet table full of tasty food, this lobster al ajillo, specialty of the chef, was their favorite.



Wonderful first dive, plenty of reef sharks were waiting for us in Coral Negro II among other things what captivated our attention were the big barrel sponges, a huge rainbow parrotfishes, black groupers, and a moray. The large schools of horse-eye jack could get close to our divers, it was fascinating show.

Snorkel in the Elkhorn Sanctuary here in Boca de Piedra was great, shallow water but beautiful corals. Is amazing the meaning of the word diversity when you are trying to describe one single place in Jardines de Reina, you are unable to even imagined it till you see it.



Last two dives, happy faces, some of them rather to stayed onboard Jardines Aggressor II for preparing their luggage. We also had an snorkel for those who wanted, as an extra-activity. Mariflores and Salto de la culebra were the site dives we visited, and no for being our last stop this places are less good than the ones we went before, we found there several species, tarpons were everywhere, angelfish, Silky and Caribbean Reef sharks were accompanied us the whole last dive, and a southern sting ray jumped right before our eyes and its body was completely out of the water, in the way back to boat. We visited the Ocean Four Youth Boat named La Paz, this boat is destined to the research, counting, and protection of all kind of life in this area. There, the Marine Biologist Fabian Pina, explained them the importance of the Biodiversity record once more.

Lunch was on time and after that the Cocktail Party, we danced a lot, and crew gave some awards to our divers this week, and finally the video of the week premier was a success in the main salon. Without any doubt this was a nice week for all of us.