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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 30, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo


ENGINEER: Victor Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Chinea

CHEF 1: Lionar

CHEF 2: Yunior


DIVE MASTERS: Michael y Alejo        




Visibility: 110 FT

Water Temp: 78-79 F



SUNDAY: Anclitas, Finca de Pepe, Boca de Anclitas, Boca Anclitas night dive

MONDAY: Caballones, Luisa Reef, Los Mogotes, La Trampa

TUESDAY: Cabezo de la Raya, Mariflores, Cueva del Pulpo, Cueva del Pulpo 

                    Night Dive

WEDNESDAY: Cabezo de la Cubera, Las Cruces, La Culebra, Dark Reef

THURSDAY: Five Sea, Intermedio, La Cana, La Boca

FRIDAY: Pipin, La Puntica



SUNDAY: O.F.Y. presentation with Victor after lunch

MONDAY: Slides shows between dives   

TUESDAY: On the way to the second dive we visited the crocs

                    On the way to the third dive we went to visit the Iguanas

                     and Jutias at Boca de Piedra Beach  

WEDNESDAY: After lunch, O.F.Y. Representation with Victor

THURSDAY: On the way to the second dive Mangrove Tour till Caballones Beach

                         After lunch Conference with O.F.Y. Representative (Victor).

     FRIDAY: Slide Show in between second dive and cocktail party.




SATURDAY: The bus with our ten clients arrived at the harbor around 2:00pm. We received them with a delicious lunch and ice-cream as dessert. Boat leaved the port at 2:30pm and the sea was like a plane plate, our journey was really calm. The General Briefing was our priority after lunch, and then dive masters helped them to make their dive gear ready for action. Cabins liked them, and also our 40 m big yacht, they have been in many dive trips before, but not on an Aggressor Boat. They were pleased. Dinner was at 7 oclock and they met and congratulated to our chefs Yunior and Leo for the wonderful dinner. They were tired and went into bed early tonight.


 SUNDAY: First dive in Anclitas, perfect place for the check-out dive because its near to the shore, has no currents, and its protected from wind. Trumpetfish, grey angelfish, nurse sharks, tiger and Goliath grouper, hermit crabs and porcupine fish we found there. Excellent dive. Night dive was in Boca de Anclitas, with a wall reef of 7 to 18 m deep (24 to 63 feet). We wanted to see octopus but our friend did not show up, but crabs and eagle rays increased our enthusiasm and at our return all were content. Hot towels stole the show, and as we told them in the general briefing, they loved it, hot chocolate was applauded, and the Cuban Rum was highly praised by the critics.


MONDAY: At 6:00am oclock everyone woke up, and the sunrise a little bit later than that. They kept their enthusiasm of last night, and bring it to the table this morning, part of this enthusiastic behavior was because of we will move to Boca de Piedra Chanel, and they have heard about this famous and incredible underwater place in Jardines de la Reina whom house so much life and looks as a pristine place and seems untouched by humans. The dive in los mogotes was terrific, they loved the Reef Sharks, and were just paralyzed because of this folks swimming all around us, divers where so focus on sharks and therefore they had no place in their minds for smallest creatures. This beautiful scenery was a delight to behold, besides Reef and Caribbean sharks, schools of tarpon, triggerfishes, Goliath grouper and anemones were there enriching the view. At dinnertime, Mojitos were awesome, each one of them took several drinks or at list more than one, once more Chefs were rock stars this night, and congratulated.


TUESDAY: This morning, as usual, everybody were ready on time, just waiting for the crew call, first dive was very good but the third was better in La Cueva del Pulpo; two Blue striped Grunt put their mouths together, they seem having an argument or fighting quietly, but in fact, they were receiving a dental hygiene of small fishes called Gobies. Fishes open their mouths and wait patiently their dental appointment, then the dental hygienist (Goby), does his job. It is a win-win deal, because of gobies eat all the food waste in the buccal cavity of bigger fishes than them, and in this case the Blue striped Grunts, those who benefited from the partnership besides Gobies.

Crocs were there, we called them, -Niño, niñooo!!!, and they came closer to our tender, clients took several photos and were impressed because we called them and they came, its something awesome to see. Clients were charmed by sharks as well, however the Jutias and Iguanas were not the exception, and some of them wanted them as pets, Lol. Jutias were really sweet with our clients today, the tour leader feed them with some fruits, as the rest of them, and gave them some water directly from the bottle, he said, it was like having wild and free pets in the middle of a paradise island.


WEDNESDAY: Dark Reef was the dive they liked the most, huge wall reef of 10 to 23 m deep, it has large colonies of finger coral at a depth of 11 meters, with a barrel and iridescent tube sponges, spiny lobsters, great barracudas, spider crabs and golden fairy basslets are common at this site, of course reef and silky sharks were there all the time, like guessing our behavior. Funny thing happened with these sharks, at the time everyone was ready for finalized the dive and looked at the surface, all sharks were surrounded the tender, all the divers were like,

 …whattt ??? Lol

These divers have being diving since so long into the water all over the world, even in The Antarctic, and they had never seeing so many sharks of different sizes like in here, is wonderful to reaffirm we have an underwater paradise.

SPECIAL GRILL DAY, during lunch and supper our chefs grilled hamburgers, brochettes, sausages, chicken, pork, beef, lobsters, the meal was outside restaurant this night, at fresh air really close to the grill with traditional cuban music playing, they were so happy about it, Mojitos, Piña Colada, Cuban Ron, Red and White Wine, and Punch also accompanied the supper. Crew were dancing around them while they were eating, was a funny show that they appreciated and took several pictures and videos. It was really good.

On the other hand, they loved the different daily bed decorations, a rabbit made with towels and wearing funny sunglasses. All of them are interested in the different decoration we made every day on their beds, fishes, bows, elephants, dogs, turtles, eagle rays, crabs, even jellyfish.


THURSDAY: Beautiful morning in Jardines Aggressor II, photos were taken even minutes before sunrise, cold wind since last night and our feelings came truth, wind was blowing from east and when we were returning to the mothership it was really cold, hot towels were welcome even more than we are used to.

But Five Seas was our first and best day dive, as we expected they loved it. Wall reef with overhangs, 24 to 80 feet deep, full of black coral, and a 15 meter long wooden wreck of a vessel that belonged to the port of Jucaro, lies on the sea bed, and it houses variety of life forms. Beautiful caves full of silver flashes into the dark, a Tarpons kingdom down there, awesome spectacle to see. Caribbean Reef Sharks always by our side, they still getting impressed by their beauty and elegance and the respect they profess, who didnt?

Mangrove Tour was also something lovely to see, always it is, and they liked a lot, air was not so cold at this time, and everyone enjoyed the fresh air of the channels and admired the different mangrove population at a high speed in very shallow waters. At night all the crew thanks them for choosing us as their destination, and for sharing this week with us, we interchanged opinions and we concluded the night with a tasty hot chocolate that they loved since the first day.


FRIDAY:  Even when weather is not what we wanted but what we expected, and the wind kept blowing from East, and ties are not helping either, our dive masters and  the skipper arranged themselves the way for give us two beautiful last dives this day, Barracudas, Schools of Horse Eye Jack, Goliath Grouper, Eagle Ray, Green Moray, Lobsters, Lionfish, Rainbow Parrotfish. It was like the Fauna of Jardines de la Reina planed the encounter as a SEE YOU SOON for our divers. Pilot house tour and engine room tour after the first dive of the day, we explained them how works the boat, how we make potable water and they were impressed about the engine room cleaning.

They were happy for the time spend onboard but no so enthusiastic for living behind the beautiful dives with a lot of sharks all the time, the room service with hot coffee and juice, the clean cabins, the hot chocolate and hot towels after every dive, the awesome food and grill lobster, and for sure they will miss their crew this week, always smiling, dancing and attentive to them. They felt really good onboard Jardines Aggressor II, I can tell.