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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 09, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff



Jardines Aggressor II

March 9-15, 2019



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto


ENGENEER: Victor Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Chinea

CHEF 1: Lionar

CHEF 2: Ramon

DIVE MASTERS : Michael, Eduardo 




Visibility: 110 FT

Water Temp: 79 F - 80 F





SUNDAY: Anclitas, Finca de Pepe

MONDAY: El Farallon, Intermedio, Pipin, Anclitas

TUESDAY: Avalon, La Cana, Fraile I, Boca de Anclitas

WEDNESDAY: Five Sea, Cabezo de la Raya, Luisa Reef, Luisa Reef Dive Night

THURSDAY: Mogotes, Cueva del Pulpo, Cabezo de La Cubera, Mariflores

FRIDAY: Boca de Piedra, Salto de la Culebra



MONDAY:        After second dive we had our First O.F.Y. Presentation

                          After dinnertime Second O.F.Y. Presentation

TUESDAY:       Way to the third dive, Mangrove Tour 

WEDNESDAY: Third O.F.Y. Presentation about mangroves after the first dive

                            Visit to the Boca de Piedra Beach ( Jutias and Iguanas ), before 

                            second dive.

                             We went to see the crocs but a no luck.           

THURSDAY: We tried once more visiting the croc but they never appeared

                          On the way to the third dive, we went to snorkel with crocs

 FRIDAY:        Before second dive Mangrove Tour

                          While underway, forth O.F.Y. Presentation.




SATURDAY: We received the first clients onboard around 3:00pm and the rest of them at 9:00pm. First in arriving is a couple from England and the other last 7 are North American. Once all of them were onboard, they look tired and hungry, they loved the boat since they first saw it. Dinner service was very fast and they appreciated so much, and the information we provided them was precisely that they need the most. We also received complements for so clean cabins.


 SUNDAY:  Daylight Saving Time catch us at midnight and the night was shorter. Breakfast at 6:00am and we leave the harbor around 6:30 am, arriving in Caballones beach at 12:00pm oclock. The crossing was nice, just a little movement but no choppy, they were just resting or sleeping while underway. The first dive was Anclitas, perfect place for the check dive, water temperature surrounded the 80f, and it was at 2:00pm. Very punctual clients we do have this week. Two wonderful dives todays morning, clear water, perfect current, beautiful corals, plenty of life, a big Nassau Grouper this time very shy but watching us since the far, catch our attention. Clients were surprise when they saw our Captain waiting for them with hot towels, they loved it.

The sunset was also an attraction.


MONDAY: El Farallon was waiting for us just with the enough quantity of sharks for blowing our imagination, it was beyond that. At the beginning, when we rolled back into the water, there were just a few silky sharks but after a couple of minutes Caribbean Reef Sharks were arriving and started swimming all around, some of our photographers got paralyzed because of the unique beauty of the moment, it was extraordinary. Some of them just told;

  • I was dumfounded watching the scene.

The rest of the dives were also good, the visibility and temperature of the water was perfect, although our professional photographer were not happy yet with the pictures they took. Fortunately, they will have several opportunities with really nice stages.  A turtle was feeding herself with seagrasses, this beauty was huge, they took plenty of photos. One Lionfish appeared from nowhere swimming among reefs. The first night dive was very expected, at 8:00pm sharp everybody were ready with cameras and flashlights. Nurse Shark was in the button and lobsters were everywhere, we saw 5 or 6 of them, they were mixed with Crabs and a lot of small fishes in all the reef. We were waiting to see an octopus but not happened this time.


TUESDAY: Beautiful sunrise and we leave the Yacht to our first dive, amazing what we found in Avalon, big Lobsters and one of them so small that we can hardly see it, Nassau Grouper this time not so shy like the last time.  A Black Grouper also came to us really close and she looked at Michal, one of our dive masters, directly to his eyes for a minute, like trying to find out something, like saying, - I know you pal 

-…it was a surrealist moment, he said.

  1. F.Y. Presentation is always welcome and this time Andres captivated us with their words, that are not only interesting but funnies.

Mangrove Tour in the way to the third dive was very fun, tender was really fast an adequate speed for being able to appreciate the beauty of Mangroves in Jardines de la Reina, the natural maze created by nature and how fresh is the air all around it, and all the life it house. The landscape speaks by itself.


WEDNESDAY:  A very busy day we had today, really entertaining journey. Sun appeared around 7:10am. First dive was beautiful, one of our clients even cried, and he described this dive like the best of his life. The wall reef full all life, Diamond  Blennies, many Caribbean Reef Sharks, a lot of Horse Eye Jacks, a few Goliath Groupers and Black Groupers, and uncountable Tarpons. Queen Angelfish with his alive colors just kept our attention but the Rope Sponges seems a net well wove, the straight of his red color is like the whole reef were celebrating something. Was great.

Visiting the Boca de Piedra Beach, and interacting with the Iguanas and Jutias and feeding them was very nice, but if I would have to decide between that or snorkel with the crocs Id be indecisive. This time crocs never show up, we visit the place twice and nothing, lets see tomorrow what happens.

As every day this week, as the sun was going down we were observing with attention, some of us did it but not everyone, the Green Flash in the sunset keeps being a mystery for us. Grill Night was perfect, Ramon and Leo succeed our expectations with the Grill meat and beef. 

At night, we had the surprise we were waiting for, the dive master showed us a  huge octopus in the button of the sea, he was trying to catch a fish and was not shy at all. Was incredible.


THURSDAY: Mogotes was the first site dive we visited, enormous Yellow Tube Sponges, Coral Pillars housing all kind of animals, Elkhorn Coral, our faithful friends the Caribbean Reef Shark and Tarpons were there. A funny thing happened today, one Caribbean Reef Shark just swam really fast straight ahead to one of our divers and the shark stoped just in front of his face, he just kept swimming to his left like if nothing were happened, the diver was surprised even a little afraid. We will never know what the Reef Shark acted that way, but for sure was really funny the reaction of the diver who was swimming back in the contrary way of the shark even more fast like our friend.Once on the tender we were joking about it.

This time the crocs were finally there, took some time for they came closer, but they did. Was very exciting seeing how people were into the water and they will be getting closer and closer, with no fear but with caution. At night all the crew thanks clients for choosing us once more, and they also thank us,

- it was such a wonderful week, they said.


FRIDAY: Two last dives we had this morning before the mothership started moving to Jucaro Harbor, as usual we were astonished. Boca de Piedra and Salto de la Culebra were the site dives today. There we found so much life. It was normal till something happened, from nowhere appeared a Spinyhead Blenny and he just disappeared again, few of us saw it, he never came up again, we all were looking for Blennies in the brain coral but no luck. Reef Shark with bar jack school and Tarpons, were everywhere, one of them said that for first time in his life he has seeing such a big Tarpon, it is amazingly big.

Even when we were coming up way to the tender, Reef Sharks where swimming around us. Many pictures we took, and everyone were happy. 

When you dive for the first time in Jardines de la Reina, it does matter what dive sites, is like being floating in very unknowing and pristine places you had never imagine it could exist. That feeling you think is just for beginners but then you realize it is one of the wonders of diving here, I could never describe it, there is no words for doing such thing, you have to come and see.