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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 02, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff



February 2-9, 2019



Visibility: 110 FT

Water Temp: 79 F



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo


ENGENEER: Victor Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Chinea

STEWARD: Yaicelyn

CHEF 1: Lionar

CHEF 2: Ramon

DIVE MASTERS: Tender 1, Michael, Bairon, / Tender 2, Eduardo, Jorge

SKIFF DRIVERS: Tender 1, Elvis / Tender 2, Gualberto



TENDER 1 (Elvis, Michael, Bairon)

SUNDAY: Anclitas, Los Sabalos

MONDAY: Five Seas, Cabezo de la Cubera

TUESDAY: Coral Negro II, Cachiboca II, Cachiboca I

WEDNESDAY: Cabezo de Afuera, Cueva del Pulpo, Los Mogotes

THURSDAY: Black Coral I, La Cana

FRIDAY: Pipin, Farallón

TENDER 2 (Gualberto, Jorge, Eduardo)

SUNDAY: Los Sabalos, Anclitas

MONDAY: Los Mogotes, Cabezo de la Raya

TUESDAY: Five Seas, Cachiboca I, Cachiboca II

WEDNESDAY: Coral Negro II, Cabezo de Cubera, Cueva del Pulpo

THURSDAY: Cabezo de Afuera, Dark Reef, 

FRIDAY: Farallon, Pipin



SUNDAY:   OFY Presentation after lunch with Victor

MONDAY: Mangrove Tour on the way to the first dive

                     Snorkel with the crocs in the afternoon

                     Snorkel in the mangroves

WEDNESDAY: Slide show at 8:00 pm

THURSDAY: After lunch time, OFY Presentation with Victor

                    Snorkel in the Elkhorn Coral Sanctuary

                    Visit to Caballones Beach 




SATURDAY: Clients were arriving from Havana and Camagüey in between 8:45pm and 10:00pm, they already knew each other, this week is a very big group of friends that travel all together taking pictures all over the world. They have been diving since all of us were children or before. Tired bodies but young spirit surrounded now the Jardines Aggressor II. They were starving at first, really anxious for seeing the boat too, and then were impressed because of the boat size and its beauty. We spend the night in Jucaros harbour.


SUNDAY: Living the port at 6:00am oclock we arrived to our destination, Jardines de la Reina, Caballones Beach, around 11:20am. This week we reorganized our usual program because of clients request, instead 4 dives per day, 45 minutes each, we will have long dives all about 1 hour and 20 minutes, 3 dives per day. The group leader is a famous photographer in USA, who travel with their friends getting unique photos.

Our 23 experienced divers were excited and making many questions about the dive sites they will see, about the animals like the crocs and Jutias, and finally after lunch the first OFY presentation about the geography of our Gardens of the Queen, which was really interesting, they went to dive. Anclitas and Los Sabalos were the places we chose because of the ties and weather conditions. They came back really impressed, we heard things like;

- I never saw such a big and beautiful place,

 -that huge Grouper was just hanging with us

Our big and heavy friend, a 300 pounds Goliath Grouper was really interested in us, I cant say if we were diving with her or vice-verse. They were impressed already, and it was just the beginning.

Of course, they loved hot towels.


MONDAY: Our departure to Boca de Piedra, where we will spend all day and night, at 8:00am oclock after the tenders lived the boat for going to dive. First dive and their first mangrove tour. They were excited about it, the visibility was really good, so water temperature, and at their return they were very pleased. 

They founded into the water several Blue Parrot Fish and the main attraction were a Nassau Grouper and a healthy reef wall plenty of marine life. This week we have a lot of photographers with huge cameras but anyways they all were on time for the first dive. They were looking for beautiful and unique pictures and this is the right place. They visited the Jutias and Iguanas at the beach and went to snorkel with the crocs, we are pretty sure we accomplish their expectations.

Hot towels at their return is an event they adore, this day all of them were dancing rock and roll.The day was really a success.


TUESDAY: Weather is our friend today, the sea looks like a flat dish, sunrise received many complements this morning. As soon as we roll back, we found this curious groupers that it seems was waiting for us. Hard and soft corals covering the wall that amazed everyone who see it with such mixture and texture and colours. Surface was really calm, and we were surrounded by Caribbean Reef Sharks in the bottom, and Silky Sharks around us at Surface, just swimming, just free creatures in their own environment, just like if we were the attraction and not them, it was fantastic and an unique experience, for sure all of us will remember it. Meals at night were delicious and chefs Ramon and Lionar received a lot of complements about it, GRILL NIGHT was perfect.


WEDNESDAY: This morning is really windy but we that didnt stop us. Everyone was ready on time. Sharks have been our closest friends this week, swimming with them is now so natural, so easy, so amazing, they posed for the cameras and wait photographers all the time. In the first dive, Cabezo de Afuera, big groupers were waiting for us, they just were like floating around us, in between us, they actually were watching us during the whole dive. Rainbow parrot fish was, beside our models, the Silky and Caribbean Reef Sharks, also a big attraction down there.

The group is really pleased about all the pictures they have been taken this days, most of them have been in several Aggressor Boats all over the world and all the time they are in agreement, what we can find in Jardines de la Reina is Unique, is a beautiful, natural,  and pristine place so full all life that you can believe it until you see it. Angel Fish, Gigantic Pufferfish, Sting Ray, Schools of fish all over, lots of coral inlets to swim through, huge Permits, and visibility was good, the water temperature was not so warm as we all wanted to be and the wind was so so cold, but hot towels and dancing are always waiting for them. Everybody is happy by the end of the day.


THURSDAY: Still windy today but water is not choppy, divers took their breakfast really fast, they didnt want loose any time. Divers were never interested in having many dives or night dives, but long dives, they wanted light enough for take beautiful photos, and they did. The boat moved to Caballones after they were underway on the tenders to the second dive. The first dive sites were a success, they came back so excited about the dives, they all were sharing their photographs, all kind of life, Sponges, Silky Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Goliath Grouper, Barracuda, Hogfish, Juvenile Spotted Drum, Lionfish, Basslet, Beautiful Reef Walls full of life. Hot towels waiting for them on the boat, dancing girls and their crew always ready to help. It was amazing.


FRIDAY:   Beautiful morning and the wind keeps its strength, water looks like crystal with 79 F but was not choppy, after nitrox check we explored just a paradise in Black Coral I, was incredible, so untouched and pristine, so fine, diving in the drop off, we saw a lot of Caribbean Sharks, Groupers, Spotted Eagle Ray, and a school of Horse Eye Jack. They got a lot of fun. 

At they return all of them were satisfied just not enough, they wanted more, once you dive in JARDINES DE LA REINA, you dont want to stop.


Andrés Jiménez Castillo