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Log Date: Thursday, Jul 05, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Capitan’s Log JARDINES AGGRESSOR 2 July 5, 2018








STEWARD: Yeni, Yoanı

CHEF 1: Ramon

CHEF 2: Junior

Dive Masters: Mike, Byron, Leo, Lester

Skiff drivers: Tender1 Elvis and tender 2 Pedro


Visibility: 80 ft






SUNDAY: Anclitas, Five Sea, Los Mogotes, Mariflores

MONDAY: Coral Negro 2, Cueva del Pulpo, Boca de Piedra, Cueva del Pulpo

TUESDAY: Cabezo de la Raya, Tarpon Reef, Cachiboca 2, Cachiboca 1

WEDNESDAY: Coral1, Luisa Reef, El Peruano, Boca Anclitas

THURSDAY: Caballones, Finca de pepe, La Cana, Pius

FRIDAY:.Patricia, Caballones



SUNDAY: Pius, Los Mogotes, Five Sea, Cabezo de la Cubera

MONDAY: Cabezo de la Raya, Mariflores, Cueva del Pulpo, Cueva del Pulpo

TUESDAY: Black Coral 2, Luisa Reef, El Chopal, Cachiboca 2

WEDNESDAY: Coral 2, Boca de Piedra, La Cana, Intermedio

THURSDAY: Finca de Pepe, Farallon, Anclitas, Patricia

FRIDAY: Caballones, Boca Anclitas



SUNDAY: Mangrove tour from Caballones to Boca de Piedra

MONDAY: Visit Iguanas and Jutias in the Beach

TUESDAY: Snorkeling in Boca de Piedra

WEDNESDAY: Visit Crocodile in the Channel

THURSDAY: Mangrove tour From Boca de Piedra to Caballones.

FRIDAY:   Snorkeling in the Coral reef crest





Guests arrived from Havana around 2 pm, anxious for meeting the boat and the crew; five of them were former visitors in Jardines de la Reina. The journey to Jardines took almost 5 hours but the sea was calm, all passengers prepared their dive gears while the boat was sailing, waiting for the first dive of the program.


SUNDAY: The Group was really nice, some of the guests were second time visitors, they treated the crew with respect and as friends. Boca de Piedra is one of the best dive sites in Jardines de la Reina. Diving with sharks so close was amazing for everybody; macro life was very abundant as well. They saw Angelfish, eels, Lobsters, Grunts, School Masters and Surgeons and Of course Caribbean reef Sharks.

At night we celebrated, two birthdays and 400 dives of one of our folks, they were happily surprised.



MONDAY: The weather was good, and just before the second dive all of them were visiting jutias and iguanas at beach. Diving was beautiful. In the afternoon guests were snorkeling and could see q many small mangrove fish, saw with they own eyes how important is to preserve this area in particular and the important value of mangroves here.



TUESDAY: Cachiboca is the last location in the east side of the Gardens of the Queen. Compared with Boca de Piedra, the dive sites are further from the boat, but so beautiful reefs there to see macro life and stingrays. We spent here only one night, and then sailed back to Caballones to dive with silky sharks. Was the first time many of them to see the soap fish sleeping in the sand, the always beautiful secretary blenny and many hog fish.



WEDNESDAY: We were back to Caballones for diving with silky Sharks, but we arrived late, because we did some more dives with the Caribbean reef Sharks. The guests enjoyed very well the trip to Caballones Channel; the ocean was really calm, and so blue. At the end of the day, we made a big party with mojitos, and dance salsa.



All customers were really pleased about the dive experience lived. They told us how interesting they found all dives. Silky Sharks were an unforgettable Experience.

Was incredible to see them swimming around us, crystal clear water, huge dog and Cubera snappers swam in circles from the bottom to the top as if they were dancing for us, was a beautiful view


FRIDAY: Trip Back To Jucaro cocktail Party and Marine biology Presentation at Night.