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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 28, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Captain’s Log April 28, 2018






STEWAR: Yeni, Yoanı

CHEF 1: Leo

CHEF 2: Junior

Dive Masters: Mike, Carlos, Lester, Eduardo

Skiff drivers: Tender1 Elvis and tender 2 Gualberto


Weather conditions

Visibility: 90 f

Water temp: 80-82





SUNDAY: Anclitas, Caballones, Boca Anclitas

MONDAY: Finca de Pepe, Pipin, La Cana, Anclitas

TUESDAY: Farallon, Peruano, Patricia, Boca de Piedra

 WEDNESDAY: Black Coral 2, Cueva del Pulpo, Cabezo de la Cubera, Dark Reef

THURSDAY: Five Sea, Los Mogotes, La Raya, Mariflores

FRIDAY: Coral Negro 1, Five Sea



SUNDAY: Pius Reef, Boca Anclitas, Anclitas

MONDAY: Vicente, Finca de Pepe, Patricia, Anclitas

TUESDAY: La Cana, Farallon,  Pipin, Los Mogotes

WEDNESDAY: Boca de Piedra, La Raya, Five Sea, Luisa Reef

THURSDAY: Blak Coral 2, Cueva del Pulpo, Cabezo de la Cubera, Five Sea

FRIDAY: Los Indios, Mariflores




SUNDAY: Mangrove Tour, Around Caballones Chanels

MONDAY: Presentation (OFY)

TUESDAY: Mangrove Tour From Caballone to Boca de Piedra

WEDNESDAY: Crocodile, and jutias, iguana in the Beach

THURSDAY: Snorkeling in the Boca de Piedra Channel

FRIDAY:  Cocktail Party and certificate delivery




SATURDAY: Part of the group came from Camaguey, and the rest arrived later from Santa Clara. Most of them live at Florida. They felt anxious for diving. The Tour Leader, and three of them came for second time to Jardines Aggressor Cuba. They were talking about their previous experience in The Queen Gardens; they had really high expectations this time because they knew about the area and its beautiful dives. This night we stayed in the Jucaro port waiting for all passengers to arrive and depart next day early morning.



Everyone excited about the first day in Jardines de la Reina. Our travel began at 7:00am on Sunday morning and we arrived to Caballones channel around 11:30 am. First dives were in Las Anclitas and Boca Anclitas, fortunately dives were excellent with clear waters and beautiful reef. In the first dive the main character were silky sharks, the experience was unforgettable, we were surrounded by these amazing animals that looked like flying into the blue.



Before first dive they had a wonderful mangrove tour that it is why the area is well known as Labyrinth of the 12 Leagues. The dive in Farallon, Pipin, Peruano and La Cana, incredible deep walls were plenty of Caribbean Reef Sharks and Silky Sharks after the dives the snack was delicious by the way, another detail from our chefs. In this place there were beautiful corals and dives were very quiet, guests took good pictures.



Sunrise was one in a million, all customers were taking pictures, and once more the weather was excellent. All dives were astonishing in the morning, in Vicente the dive was really good, plenty of fish and sharks, coral mountains that ascend 150 feet from the white sandy bottom 230 feet deep, a crystal clear water that seems like if you were floating in the air, the Caribbean Sharks were around divers all the time, then at the surface, 10 Silkies were waiting for us, like posing for pictures. At the return to the boat, the whole crew welcomed guests as happy as always with the HOT TOWELS.


WEDNESDAY: Spent all day in Boca de Piedra channel. Everyone said they never dove in such an amazing place before. At the beginning of the day there was a lot of rain, but after that it was sunny and beautiful. Guests visited one of the best dive sites: five seas, and black coral 2. Both places have Caribbean reef sharks, and lots of tarpon, Big Groupers, schools of different kind of snappers. At the end of the day they enjoyed the grill in the top of the boat with mojitos of course, although the weather was not good in the night.


THURSDAY: dives were so extraordinary, this time we were visiting: cabezo de la raya, Luisa reef and back coral II, a lot of macro life, a variety of species and huge goliath grouper, hamlets, big hogfish, and spotted juvenile drum. Several sharks appeared and surrounded the divers, was a nice spectacle that everyone appreciated.


FRIDAY: last dives of the week, all of us with a big enthusiasm including customers, were on time in the main deck ready for another great day, all guests appreciated our efforts for protecting and preserving this pristine place. Once in the mother ship after the last two dives, crew helped them to tie and clean all their gear, we departed to Jucaro port at 1pm, in the meanwhile we offered the last tasty lunch, buffet style. Our goal was accomplished, all our customers were really pleased and as they said, is really difficult even impossible to find another place like this one in the Caribbean, they also said, they were lucky for visiting this place before others.