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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 14, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Cruise Date:

April 14-21 Jardines Aggressor 1 (walls of Zapata)



Captain Luis Miguel Alfaro

Engineer Yurisbel Rodriguez

Cruise Director Suliet Sordo

Steward: Amarilis

Chefs Anibal Frade and Josiel Jimenez

Dive Masters Gustavo Lopez, Irain Abreu,Jose Luis Casanova

Marine Biologist Victor Ferrer

Weather conditions

Water temp 80 fh

Visibility 60- 100 ft

Dive sites of the week

Sunday Cayo Cobos

Monday: Cayo Ernest Thelman

Tuesday: Cayo Cigua

Wednesday: El Calvario and Diego Perez

Thursday: Sergio’s Wall and the sunked Bouy

Friday: El Ramajeal


Sunday, April 15th 2018


We leaved early in the morning. During the way the guest received the first conference from the educational program schedule. It was a Zapata swamp characterization. First dive was a check out dive and took place normally. Nothing special regarding to fishes but the bottom had a high coral coverage. Second one was the same place but the group swam in the opposite direction, this time was along the wall. On the last dive of the day, almost at sun down the sea scape was spectacular, sun light coming down from the surface lots of beautiful fish all over

Monday April 16th 2018

Ernest Thelman

It was completed 5 dives. At the first dive site and as soon as divers got to the drop off top, a group of around 10 Spotted eagle ray came swimming over the deep blue. They stayed with the divers during 3 minutes, really short time but it was enough to wake up excitation among divers. Later, during the dive, some other spotted eagle rays appear. Diver also saw big lobsters, green morays, Nassau groupers and some lionfish. Water visibility was perfect. Second dive was at the same place but in another direction. Third and four dives took place in the afternoon. They saw a school of Jacks cravelle, lobsters, and big barracudas. The most important thing at the end of the fourth dive that divers really liked, were two big stingray, laying on the sandy bottom. Night dive was interesting. After a few minutes a curios octopus appeared. He was even interested about the dive master torch. They also saw spiny lobsters, spotted spiny lobsters and green moray.


Thursday, April 17th 2018


This morning during the crossing to Cigua cay, a group of dolphins stayed for a while swimming close to the boat. Morning dives took place normally. Many lobsters again as well as many lionfish were found this time. The visibility was pretty good. The visibility in the afternoon was not good; however, divers could see Snappers, Groupers, Spot light parrotfish, and some components of the macro life like jawfish, blennys, shrimps, arrow crabs among other. During the night dive divers saw many Crabs, sea stars, octopus, filefish and naked crab.

Wednesday, April 18th 2018

We rose up the anchor early in the morning having slept at Cigua cay. We sailed till a new location called Diego Pérez. Divers went to the water at 8: 00 o’clock. Dive took place at the wall of a beautiful drop off. Thy saw around 6 big spotted eagle ray swimming at the deep blue. A shoal of Atlantic spadefish also appeared after a while as well as lobsters, golden hamlets, crabs and many lion fish.

Second dive took place at Carvario cay. Divers came back to the boat really exciting because they saw something unprecedented, a sponge at the middle of their spawning process. For third dive we sailed again during a couple of hours till get at Fisherman wall dive site, which is located at the middle of Cazones gulf. This place showed really clear water. Divers saw many fish; groupers, snappers, grunts, stingrays and a Hawksbill turtle. The fourth dive was in the same place but in the opposite direction. This time they saw great barracudas, lobsters, hogfish…..

Thursday, April 19th 2018

Firs dive was really nice and took place at Boya sumergida dive site. The visibility was pretty good and divers could see many of the Cuban micro life components. They also saw a big green moray eel. Second dive was at Sergio’s wall dive site. It is a beautiful wall with really white sandy bottom at the top of the drop off. The visibility was pretty good and divers saw hawksbill turtles, lobsters, beautiful black coral colonies, as well as two big remoras. Second dive took place at the same dive site but this time swimming in the opposite direction.

Friday, April 20, 2018

First dive was early in the morning. Divers jump to the water at 8:00 o’clock at Tercer round dive site. It was a beautiful spur and groove bottom which finished in a sharp drop off with a beautiful wall. Divers saw many parrotfish, sting ray, lobsters, grunts among other. El ramajeal was the second dive site this day. Really nice reef, many fish around: Groupers, snappers, big grunt shoal, two big great barracudas as well as many tunicate colonies. However, has really dirty, with a lot of nylon pieces suspended in the water column. Third dive was the same place opposite direction. In this opportunity water was clear due to the high tide. They saw many about they had already seen before and also a hawksbill turtle.