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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 31, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


CRUISE DATE: 31/03-7/04/2018








STEWAR: Yeni, Yoesi

CHEF 1: Ramon

CHEF 2: Junior

Dive Masters: Mike,Jose, Yordi, Wilbert

Skiff drivers: Tender1 Elvis and tender 2 Frank



Visibility: 90-100 ft

Water temperature:78-80f


Dive sites


Tender  1:

Sunday:La Cana,  Patricia, Anclitas

Monday: Farallon, Finca de Pepe, Peruano, Pius,

Tuesday:Montaña Rusa, Pipin, Anclitas, Los Mogotes

Wednesday: Coral Negro 2, Cueva del Pulpo, Cabezo de la Raya, Octopus Cave

Thursday: Five Sea, Luisa Reef, Cabezo de la Cubera, Boca de Piedra

Friday:Black Coral 1, Mariflores



Sunday:Patricia, Cana, Anclitas

Monday: Peruano, Pipin, Finca de Pepe, Anclitas

Tuesday:Farallon, Montaña Rusa, Boca Anclitas, Luisa Reef,

Wednesday: Los Indios,Los Mogotes, Cabezo de la Cubera, Octopus Cave

Thursday:Black Coral 2, Five Sea, Cabezo de la Raya, Octopus cave

Friday:.Boca de Piedra, Five Sea Drift







The passengers arrived  on board late afternoon the Saturday the 31th,the crew  prepared an excellent dinner  and after that the crew  proceeded to the general briefing and the  passengers and crew introductions


SUNDAY: The boat started engines  early  in the morning  destination Jardines De la Reina, there were made 2 dives in the day, and one night dive. for all the divers was amazing experience, most of them never been in Cuba before. The  first diving day was spectacular, beautiful coral reefs plenty of fish and marine life. They saw  the Caribbean as it was  50 years ago



Just at the sun rise  the  tenders departed to the dive sites, A 90ft coral canyon  with amazing visibility and  sharks patrolling the place all the time, a ride along the wall  where the group of divers  so big variety of tropical fish, at the  end  of the dive the best of the place, many  silky sharks swimming around the boat,

The  other dives  of the day were beautiful as well ,amazing shallows reef  with lots of fish  ,boat stayed overnight at canal de Caballones  


TUESDAY: the  diving staff had planned  for the day  3  immersions   and  1 night dive, the day was  fantastic

.a very sharky dive  in the wall ,and  2  more visits to the coral gardens, this time  with many  black groupers ,huge angelfish  and lots of  blue striped  grunts ,The night experience  was impressive, they saw octopus, spiny lobsters, sea cancers   and many parrot fish  sleeping on the bottom


WEDNESDAY the boat moved  to a different location, Boca de Piedra .The place  is call the  Caribbean reef sharks  paradise, on every dive there they were   many of them, healthy coral reefs, and amazing drop offs were the variety of marine life is beyond description.





THURSDAY :That was  the silver king’s day, The  group was taken to places  where  is possible  to see the tarpon migration, big schools of the silver fish  were coming  from all directions, some  sharks were chasing them, we visit places  with many colonies of black coral  hanging from the wall and  groups  of horse eye jacks  were mixed together with the tarpons, and of course  ,big Nassau ,black and tiger groupers  everywhere





Before  going back to port , another couple of good dives were made in the morning, beautiful gardens  with a bit of everything to  keep good memories  of  the place ,this time  we drifted along the reef  beholding at the wonders of the  Jardines  de la Reina, It was a sort of resume of hole fantastic experience we had during the week