Welcome to Oceans for Youth
The Oceans for Youth Foundation is a nonprofit foundation designed to actively promote underwater education, and an appreciation and respect for the oceans. It is the foundations belief that a young person introduced early to the wonders of the oceans will become much more environmentally aware, and practice lifelong attitudes of ocean conservation, preservation and protection.rnrn

Using a nationwide force of concerned volunteers armed with a variety of educational tools, the Foundation funds and organizes specific programs that help young people become more aware and interested in the aquatic environment.

Oceans for Youth Storm Check Program
Oceans For Youth expects travelers to have a safe travel program as they leave their worries at home. We understand travelers take their personal time seriously.  A named meteorological disturbance can make the week challenging, adversely affecting valuable dive time. This is why we have a "StormCheck” program in place. Learn More >

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