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Welcome to Oceans for Youth.

Our Mission

The Oceans for Youth Foundation is a nonprofit foundation designed to actively promote underwater education, and an appreciation and respect for the oceans in today's youth.

It is the foundation's belief that a young person introduced early to the wonders of the oceans will become much more environmentally aware, and practice lifelong attitudes of ocean conservation, preservation and protection.

Using a nationwide force of concerned volunteers armed with a variety of educational tools, the Foundation funds and organizes specific programs that help young people become more aware and interested in the aquatic environment.

The mission of Oceans for Youth: to promote awareness, understanding, leadership and appreciation for the marine environment through the development, promotion and distribution of educational materials, programs and other media directly to youth.

Oceans for Youth Foundation - founded and incorporated: 1999
Not for Profit Status: 501 (c) 3

AngeleeLearn about the new OFY Scholarship Program

Beverly Factor has a new children's book, Angelee Saves the Sea, that is endorsed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ted Danson, Greg MacGillivray, Oceana, and Wyland. Please check it out!

Learn about Kids of the Caribbean
The Cuff family found that family week on the Cayman Aggressor liveaboard is the perfect way to incorporate a young child into their “other life” of diving.

Oceans for Youth Foundation is proud to anounce that we have been recognized with a Kid Scoop Choice Web Award as follows:

"Kid Scoop is an internationally syndicated newspaper page for children that appears in nearly 400 newspapers. We have a circulation of more than 7 million and have thousands of people coming to our companion website, www.kidscoop.com."

Kid Scoop Award"Each week, Kid Scoop's librarian, Jim Silverman, surfs the web for web sites with quality, educational content and resources that are of interest to kids, parents and educators. In that process we found your web site and we link to it in our Kid Scoop Webliography - an archive of great, safe, educational web sites. This award recognizes your site as one that has earned the Kid Scoop "seal of approval" for content that is engaging, informative and valuable for kids and their families."

Please visit Kid Scoop

and check out their Webliography.



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Featuring Leslie Neilsen and Jean-Michael Cousteau.

Watch the Introduction
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"The health of the world’s oceans will soon become the responsibility of today’s children."
Wayne Hasson


Your Accomplishments

What's That? Hey kids, want to know more about ecology? Looking for an idea for a Science Project? Maybe you are doing research on whales?
Check out these educational articles about Marine Life in our oceans and have fun learning.

SasySpecial Announcement

Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY) available with 13 cubic foot tank or 19 cubic foot tank Order yours now.